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Safari Packing List


What to Pack: African Safari Packing List

Packing for an African safari is vastly different than packing for just about any other trip, and it’s often a challenge for first-time safari goers. Not only do most safari goers have weight restrictions on bush flights (a typical weight restriction is 15 kilograms or 33 pounds total per person, including camera equipment and carry-ons), but you also have the challenge of knowing which types of clothes to wear on safari are appropriate.

Tanzania Safari Tours is a trip of a lifetime. But Planning a Safari in Tanzania can take some work. Deciding the best Safari Packing List in Tanzania can be the most challenging part of it. There is so much to consider; the weather, your Tanzania Safari Activities, your duration and not to forget the ever-looming weight restrictions.

Don’t stress, Smile With Us Tourss brings you the most reliable and practical Safari Packing List Tanzania to ensure you have the best possible Tanzania Safari experience.

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Preparing for an African Safari

What to pack for a safari isn’t just about the clothing, either. There’s a lot of little quirky things about traveling to Tanzania that you need to know before you go. If this is your first time in Tanzania or your first time on safari, this packing list below can help to be well prepared and comfortable during your adventure. If you do forget a few things, don’t worry, you can pick up most everyday items in town before you leave.

1. Prepare your documents 

2. Clothing

3. Highly recommended

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Whether the appeal of a safari revolves around the wildlife, such as watching the Great Migration or spotting the Big Five, or you want to mark a special occasion, we can create an itinerary to match your tastes. We’ll suggest ways to tailor it depending on your interests, such as added time on the beach or experiences geared around your family.