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Tanzania Walking Safari

Walking Safari : The Best African Safari Activity

Setting out on a walking safari in Tanzania unveils the raw essence of the wilderness. Unlike traditional game drives, walking safaris immerse you as an active participant in the wildlife’s realm rather than a mere observer, delivering an exhilarating and unparalleled safari adventure. This unique experience is curated in select areas, offering options ranging from brief day walks returning to the same camp to mobile safaris where your camp relocates, warmly welcoming you back with sundowners after each day’s walking expedition.

For those seeking a deeper immersion in nature, trekking elevates the adventure to the next level. Backpacking through untamed landscapes, you traverse new terrain each day, camping amidst the wilderness under lightweight tents. With minimal crew and amenities, the focus shifts to complete immersion, fostering a profound connection with the wilderness beyond the confines of luxury. A safari vacation to Tanzania enriched with a walking safari activity promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of nature’s untamed beauty.

The Best Walking Safari Experience in Tanzania and Africa
The beauty of Tanzania Walking Safari

Create memories that last a lifetime With Tanzania Walking Safaris

What makes a walking safari special?

Feel, hear and smell Tanzania

Imagine, you walk on the same path as the elephants and other wildlife, you feel the wind through you hair, hear a lion roar in the distance and smell the bush and wildlife. Your senses awaken, as you become part of your environment and the wilderness becomes more real.

Wildlife up close and personal

While animals will generally ignore you in a vehicle, they see you as another type of animal when you are on foot. Getting up close and personal with wildlife is definitely a rush of excitement. Walking is also a great way to appreciate the smaller wildlife, which can’t be so easily seen from a vehicle.

Access remote areas on foot

On foot you can walk into remote areas and reach places that a safari car can’t. Once on foot, you are not constrained by roads and can go almost anywhere you like. Away from the crowds, off the beaten track. It offers you a freedom incomparable to any game drive safari.

Where to go on a Walking Safari

When considering a walking safari in Tanzania, both the Northern and Southern Circuits offer captivating experiences amidst diverse landscapes and wildlife. In the Northern Circuit, the Serengeti National Park stands out as an iconic destination, renowned for its vast plains and impressive populations of lions, elephants, and giraffes. Walking safaris here offer intimate encounters with the Great Migration, where you can witness thousands of wildebeests and zebras on the move.

Nearby, the Ngorongoro Conservation Area provides a unique setting for walking safaris, boasting the breathtaking Ngorongoro Crater, a natural amphitheater teeming with wildlife. Walking along the crater rim offers stunning panoramic views, while descending into the crater unveils a diverse ecosystem inhabited by rhinos, hippos, and flamingos.

In the Southern Circuit, the Selous Game Reserve offers an exclusive and remote wilderness experience. Walking safaris here take you through vast savannahs, woodlands, and riverbanks, providing opportunities to encounter elephants, buffalo, and the elusive African wild dog. The Ruaha National Park is another highlight, known for its rugged landscapes and large lion populations. Walking safaris in Ruaha offer a chance to explore uncharted territories and witness the untamed beauty of Tanzania’s southern wilderness.

Whether you choose the Northern or Southern Circuit, a walking safari in Tanzania promises unforgettable adventures and unparalleled connections with nature. Each destination offers its own unique landscapes, wildlife encounters, and cultural experiences, ensuring a truly immersive and enriching safari experience.

Are Tanzania walking safaris safe?

It’s completely natural to raise an eyebrow at the idea of walking through big game territory outside of the safety of a vehicle. A walking safari is not without risk but with highly trained, expert guides, you’re in good hands. What’s more, someone in the party will be armed at all times. Pre-departure, guides will deliver a safety briefing. Following rules (like walking single file) and closely following guides’ instructions is paramount. Also, be mindful of the elements. Keep hydrated, protect yourself from the sun, and dress appropriately. Children are not permitted on walking safaris.

Safety on Tanzania walking safari
Tanzania Safari

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Whether you want to stay in simple or luxurious accommodation, have a particular passion for wildlife, art or experiencing the great outdoors, or you're planning a trip for a special occasion, we can create an itinerary to match your interests and tastes.


Whether the appeal of a safari revolves around the wildlife, such as watching the Great Migration or spotting the Big Five, or you want to mark a special occasion, we can create an itinerary to match your tastes. We’ll suggest ways to tailor it depending on your interests, such as added time on the beach or experiences geared around your family.